Legal Services Marketing - Where does the next case come from?

Getting new cases is obviously key to the on-going financial success of any legal practice but what should you do to get new leads?

I deal with Family Law, Wills & Probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

For Family Law matters most of my work is by referral from previous clients and local solicitors and, on occasion, from Barristers, District Judges and CAFCASS Officers. I remain to be convinced that press advertising is going to bring me more work in this particular area.

A friend suggested going to a Wedding Fair to offer Pre-Nuptial Agreements or perhaps very cynically (he has been divorced 3 times) to offer "vouchers" to set off against future legal fees in the event of marital breakdown!

Press advertising to remind clients of the importance of having an up-to-date Will may be sensible and the same for Lasting Powers of Attorney although existing clients who do not have either a Will or an LPA should be advised of their importance.

Some solicitors pay referrals fees for accident claims from Claims Management companies. Could the same apply to Probate matters? I certainly hope not although the link between the Co-op Funeral Service and their Legal Services arm is obvious. Ambulance Chasers become Hearse Chasers!!?

Getting traffic to my Website is key to raising my profile as there is information there which is helpful to clients searching for the best legal service for their needs.

All of us worry about where the next case is coming from and there are times of famine and feast. If you keep on doing a good job at a reasonable price then that is probably the best marketing tool as you will then get referrals from satisfied previous clients.

Any comments?