Legal Ombudsman critical of divorce lawyers' costs

 A highly critical report by the Legal Ombudsman criticises solicitors for the level of costs in divorce cases and failure to be clear at the outset as to the likely cost.

Here at CGW Law we always give an initial estimate but point out that it is impossible to give an entirely accurate figure as much will depend on the degree of acrimony which can lead to unexpected levles of disagrrment which can then lead to litigation which is expensive.

Clive Wood will always stress to divorce clients that costs can be significant and should always be bourne in mind when taking any decision as to how to conduct the proceedings whether in relation to the divorce itself or the financial aspects of the divorce. Don't waste money that you haven't got!

A straightforward divorce should not generate costs of much in excess of £1,000. A disputed financial case can generate huge costs although figures of £30,000 and more seem to be ridiculous unless the assets are very significant and one or both of the parties is being unreasonable or deceitful.

Use a virtual lawyer like CGW Law and your costs will be reasonable and justified!